Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first blog give away!

Five participants can win an 8x10 print from any of the prints above. You only have to answer a question and tell me which print you would like to win.

The question is...
What do you want to be when you grow up?

I realize that most of us right now are fairly "grown up" but, what dreams or aspirations do you have right now. Where do you want to be in the next 2 years...or 5 months?

For me I want to keep doing what I love, art! I hope that I can expand where this passion can be profitable and become my full time job. Oh! And take my fiancé to Europe – this is definitely a short term goal!
I'd also like to start a family :)

So there is my answer.
Now it's your turn.
Just leave your answer in the comments below, and on April 30th I will announce the winners.

Thank you for participating!


Anonymous said...

When I grow up (a bit more:), I want to use my medical expertise and knowledge to work on an international public health project for disadvantaged children. 'Looking up' is my favorite of the posted prints.
Diane Bjornstad

Anonymous said...

loves me...loves me not... I love this print. I also love the story coming out of the book with knight and the castle. You are truly a gifted artist and I wish the greatest success!

Mary Tobin

Anonymous said...

Cuando sea grande quiero ser muy buena mamá. Si yo, la más profesional de todas ahora estoy derretida con mi chiquito y mi sueño es ser muy buena mamá. Y de tus prints el que mas me gusta es el del elefante y el pajarito. Me encantan las cosas que estás pintando y espero de todo corazón que se haga realidad tu sueño (creo que asi será pues talento no te falta).

Un abrazo grande!
Natalia Munoz

kikiv68 said...

Todos me gustan y si yo me ganara uno, quisiera que se lo regales a una de las maestras de mi querido colegio Coral Way K-8 Center. Ellas se merecen todo eso y más. Cuando crezca quiero ser más delgada para de ese modo tener más energía y hacer más actividades con mis niños -de la escuela y los de la casa-.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your paintings !! you are quite the artist !! Well lets see... when i grow up I want to ... be an inspiration to my children !!! thanks for sharing your talents with us Sarah.. My favorite painting is the purple sailboat with love showers !!! xoxoxo
Maite Lopez De Mendoza

Anonymous said...

When I grow up (ja!!) I want to be just like my mom!!! a great professional, wife, friend, grandma, and needless to say great mother.
The print that i completely identified with was the "looking up" one, i always wanted a tree house myself...

Maria A. Guerrero

Maribel said...

When I grow up I would love to be a great mom/friend/role-model to my three wonderful children.I absolutely love your art! I particularly love "Sometimes we need to slow down"...I would probably carry it with me everywhere I go as a little reminder. God bless...

Maribel Rivera

kikiv68 said...

Hola Tia!!! I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want 2 participate in your art give away!
I<3 2 go in your blog and look at all the pretty pics u draw on your tablet! My fave is the loves me loves me not one. But the actual one that i saw with the tissue paper is really cool!!!!!!!! I want 2 help u pick out the names for the drawing!!!I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!!! You can do one 4 Earth Day!!!!! I will tell my even better idwea if i call u!!!!

{mi}creative said...

When I grow up I want to BE, LIVE and BREATHE the present moment because every second that passes by NEVER comes back! I want the last petal on the Sunflower to be the one that says "he loves me", I want to have the financial freedom to be as creative as I want to be without worrying about getting paid for it, I want to fall in love with NO fears, believe in and myself 100% and be a Mother :) Whether i win a print or not I'm SO happy to be part of your blog and to have the opportunity to remember what's important in life.
Gracias Amiguiux TQM!

Miriam Soberanes

{mi}creative said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your art! Always envied people who can envision and produce such beautiful pieces. I partucularly like "Looking Up" because it reminds me of when I was a little girl. I always dreamed of having a tree house.

As for your question, "when I grow up" I want to inspire. As an educator I feel that one of the biggest struggles we face is to inspire and motivate the students that lack support from their families.

Maria Fandino

Lisette Martinez said...

I love your art!!!! I especially love the one titled "Living the Creative Life, My Place, My Dreams." This painting is very inspirational. It reminds me of the fact that we need to take life easy and relax. I especially like this painting because it is very tropical and it brings out the "Kid" in me. When I grow up I want to finish school and become a school administrator. I also want to be a great mom to my two year old son! Keep doing what you love! I am certain you will accomplish your goal of becoming a full time artist.

Anonymous said...

By the time I finish growing up I want to be a writer, storyteller, an artist, an expert salsa dancer, a Dr. of Education, a designer/seamstress, a pianist, an award winning gardner, an antique and jewelry collector, and a grandmother. I want to the grandmother that continues to seek novelty daily.

Blog: Art Journal
Post: Looking Up
Maria Lugo, maestra de Claudia

Anonymous said...

Trate de enviar mi email y no pude. Dile de mi parte que me encantan las ilustraciones y que contaria con ella en mis proyectos futuros de escritora de libros infantiles.
Mi preferida fue "Me quiere, no me quiere"
Doris, Maestra de Diego

Anonymous said...

Cuando yo sea mayor, quiero tener tiempo para mí misma. Tiempo para leer esa docena de libros que tengo en "stand by", tiempo para sentarme a tomar mi café en la terraza y ver salir el sol, tiempo para sembrar mis plantas y cuidarlas, tiempo para hablar por teléfono con mis amigas, tiempo para ir al cine o al teatro, tiempo para viajar a esos lugares que siempre tengo en mente. En resumen, tiempo para estar conmigo haciendo lo que me gusta, porque todo mi tiempo se va siempre hacia los demás. Pero, si no tuviera tiempo cuando sea mayor, aún así me sentiré que he dado lo mejor de mí a mi familia , y eso me hace feliz.

Gracias por sortear tus láminas tan preciosas, mi favorita es "j'aime la solitude", me encanta. Mira, quizás cuando sea mayor, pueda sentarme en una barca a leer mi libro favorito como la niña de la ilustración.


Montse Ledo

Anonymous said...

I want to enter please!!!

Marlene Figueroa MS in Reading Education NBCT Middle Childhood Generalist

Carla said...

Hi Sary,

I loved all your artwork as usual, but my favorite is the sailboat one. I believe it gives one a feeling of hope and excitement, since one can image traveling to different destinations, or just getting away from a stressful day. Therefore, this is my favorite one. As far as your growing up question. Well, I never want to grow up. Who wants to do that.

Lil refexions said...

Growing up is a never ending process for me. So, I'll settle for keeping my creative side alive. Improving my photography and having an exhibit should be next. Aside from a being a nurturing mom, excellent wife, an ever growing daughter and friend. Making more time to learn with Irma is a must. I say "Be yourself" and "Life is full of Colors" encompass much of my life.
Love ya! Lilly

Anonymous said...

De mayor me veo en una casita junto al mar, rodeada de una verja blanca de madera, haciendo los recados en bicicleta, sin prisas, cocinando, plantando flores, paseando, leyendo y escribiendo mi libro... tranquila, tranquila, me quedaria con el dibujo del barco,,, tan marino, tan tranquilo tan solitario, j'aime aussi la solitude
Ana C. (la que te encontraste en Ross)

Anonymous said...

My favorite print is j’aime la solitude. When I grow up, which I hope is never (I’m 63 and so far pretty successful at staying not grown)…I want to spend some time in solitude writing a collection of vignettes about my life that I think others will relate to. I’m estimating about 6 months somewhere very quiet and out of touch with anyone.
Donna Fischer-Williams

Anonymous said...

La del caballero y el castillo, por supuesto. Gracias! Sr. Baldi

Anonymous said...

Cuando sea mayor quiero ser sirena y vivir en el agua, no he visto nada no sé cuál me gusta pero si me quieres incluir.
Abrazos Marái José

Anonymous said...

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