Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My sister years ago gave me a book called "Write it down, make it happen". Basically says that by writing things down such as what we want/our goals etc... we are at the same time registering this information in our brains and therefore making our goals happen.

When I begin this blog, it was with the full intention to express my creativity, find other artists that would inspire me and with the hope one day to inspire others as well. Today, my intentions are still the same; however having a blog has helped me be accountable to my art and to all the promises I have made to myself in living a creative life. I am constantly inspired by many artists that I have met online, their beautiful work and the encouragement to continue my journey.

I realize that I had not started my goals because I have been so afraid of failure, of letting people and myself down or because things never seemed perfect enough, or I have just been waiting for the perfect timing - and yes..there's never such thing as perfection! The perfect time, is the now... So, now its time to continue the journey, to write it down and start making things happen. Here is a list of goals that I will be working on for the next couple of weeks. I will be keeping you all posted in each step of the way and share with you the process. If you can give me your comments and feedback as always its appreciate it!!


pixie said...

sarah! i love this post. i have totally found that when i write something down it begins to happen without consciousness on my part. so odd to look back into journals and see how long ago i wished for something to manifest and lo and behold it eventually did, sometimes after i'd forgotten about it!
love your blog, artwork, too. and thank you for including me in your sidebar!
xo pixie

kikiv68 said...

Sarita, I love the different artwork you have been adding. Also, I would like to ass that "Write it Down, Make it Happen" is also about writing things so you are likely to find that the universe will conspire to help you to bring it about. Very much like your favorite book "The Alchemist".

kikiv68 said...

Please edit my comment to "add" not ass!!!