Tuesday, August 4, 2009

STEP 2: Pictures and Choosing Art Work

This step and pricing are probably one of the hardest things for me to do. Many questions arise: What "print size" options should I offered? How many prints should I start with? and so on.. As I went through a series of pictures, I decided that maybe starting with too many may not be a good approach, perhaps around 10-12 to start of would be a good idea and see what kind of responses I receive (I hope I do!). Also, I decided to start with an 8x10 print and offer the option of 5x7 as well. Quality and presentation are important, after all aren't people buying the art work because its soo appealing? Print Quality is important, the kind of paper you use and how the packaging is done. I have purchased my shipping materials at two places that I highly recommend (Actually it was recommended by our teacher from the Fish Bowl :): Uline and Clearbags.

I know I have mentioned it before but take advantage of the Sell Guides that ArtFire and Etsy offer. I was reading at Etsy on advice in how to take pictures and it has been extremely helpful. You just have to sign up with them so that you can have access to these hand manuals.

Oh! did I mentioned pricing? As an artist is always difficult to put a price in our work and really value ourselves. In the online course "Fish Bowl" I learned that one of the tools that can help you out in pricing is keeping in mind the following: YOUR COST, TIME and what do you need to make in order to live comfortably..after all we are allowed to make a living out something we love...but I will leave this topic for next time!

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