Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's YOUR Tree?

I want to thank everyone out there who has taken the time to visit and leave comments in my blog - It means allot to me. My goal has always been to blog more often but I needed a break to energize.

These past few weeks I have been reading many books and blogs. Reading has been a source of inspiration for my art, a way to learn about myself and travel to foreign lands & cultures.

About three years ago, I saw a documentary of a young woman named Julia Butterfly Hill. Her documentary is called "Luna's Legacy", Is the story of Julia founding her calling to help saved part of the redwood trees that were been destroyed by lumber companies. She lived and protested for over 700 days by living on top of a 1,000 year old redwood tree later named Luna. After a long struggle not only she made people aware of the problems that our environment faced but also made a deal that an area of this park would be forever protected. I remember at first thinking, is this girl out of her mind? but she literally showed the world how small changes can bring big changes into the world. I never forgot her story and her incredible courage. While recently reading blogs, I ran into her website of an organization Julia founded called "What's Your Tree".

What's Your Tree builds on Julia's story and asks the question: What calls YOU to be bigger and more powerful than you ever imagined? What cause is so important to you that you will go outside of your comfort zone to achieve it? What purpose are you willing to use your life to fulfill? In other words: What is YOUR tree? and while reading about this courageous woman it made me re-evaluate how I have been approaching and living my life. In order words, asking myself what's my tree? I have always had a passion for art/illustration and helping children. But I asked myself, have I put all the passion and effort into making a difference? in my life and in others? So now, I ask you, what's your tree?


kikiv68 said...

Thank you Sarah for such a deep and inspiring post. As I read it, the first thing that crossed my mind was BILINGUAL EDUCATION.I think that is my calling. That all children one but two, three and even more languages. When children learn other languages, they learn, appreciate and value not only their own culture and their own values but those of others as well.

kikiv68 said...

Claudia says:
tia...ur so alwayz...but this has touched my corazon <3 I would take the same action this person very eco friendly and i would do ANYTHING 2 save the rainforest...and any other tree around the corner...its kind of like the tree in my school...its been there as long as i can remember and if they do anythibg 2 it...i would litterly stand on the tree. People just dont notice whats goin on around them and just 4get about whats really important in life. :D

Amber said...

What a wonderful question, I'll have to give it some deeper thought. There are so many things in my life I am passionate about...can I have a forest instead?

PS - I'm a fellow fishie in Marisa's ecourse! Nice to "meet" you.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I have enjoyed my visit, looking at your art and reading your thoughts. I have many passions, but I guess what i really want to do is use all my gifts for my Father's glory! That would make me happiest!