Monday, May 10, 2010

Postcard from my Ship

Months ago I came across a presentation by illustrator Penelope Dullagham explaining how she became an illustrator. When she had finally decided to take a leap to become a full time illustrator she gave a card to the people she worked for saying the above quote. It touched me as a metaphor of life. Each of us drive our own ship, we built it and it’s up to us to decide whether we to stay on harbor or go out to sea. At sea sometimes, we may experience extremely rough waters and we must endure the bad weather, we also may see the most beautiful landscapes that no one who has not sailed has seen before, we may experience beautiful sunsets, the rain, the agitated roughness of the water and it’s tranquility but certainly worth it: LIVING & EXPERIENCING LIFE. I send you this postcard from my ship as I am cleaning it up and sorting out maps to be ready and open for new adventures! Wishing you many great ones too!

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linda said...

Ooo...I love your piece with all the boats...very cool! The quote is fantastic and I totally love the metaphor for life, so true!