Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The statement that life is a journey couldn't be more true. It sounds such a cliche but the fact is that we're always learning and growing. We can generally learn from our own life experiences; but also learn from children too. I appreciate the moments I get to spend with my niece Claudia (13) and my nephew Diego (12), they are both very talented and wise in their own ways. Claudia plays piano but many times dreads the fact that she has to constantly be practicing to get better, I realized than, that I had suffered from that as well. The fantasy that gifted people don't work hard is unreal! Talking to her about how important it is to practice I also had my own "AHA Moment" and I realized that I tend to at times "settled" in a comfort zone and only create art that comes easily for me, instead of one that's constantly challenging me. How do we know the extend of our capacities if we don't push ourselves and sweat it out? Our capacities and talent don't go as far as what comes easy to us, in reality its as far we set our minds & hearts: INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. What do you do to constantly challenge yourself?

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linda said...

I so love that Thomas Edison quote about success! I think oftentimes we all have the illusion or disillusion of seeing the final result ... but don't realize all the hard work that goes into it. All successful talented people have a history of hard work...it just takes that! I think we have to constantly challenge ourselves by just trying new things and taking risks... otherwise you'll probably get bored yourself!