Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poem by Mario Benedetti

For years I have collected poems, verses, movie and book phrases that have meant something to me. Some are in Spanish and I have been wanting to do some creative art work with them. I hope you enjoy them too and if you want to share some phrases or poems, please do!

Poem translation: I don't ask you to bring me the blue stars, I only ask that my space is brighten by your light.

Por mucho tiempo he colectado poemas, versos y frases de libros y peliculas que han significado y tocado el alma. Desde mucho he querido usarlos como inspiracion para hacer trabajos de arte. Espero les guste este verso de un poema de Mario Benedetti. Si tienen algun verso, frase o poema que compartir - por favor mandamelo! gracias mil!

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