Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation! San Francisco and Maui!

It's been difficult getting into the publishing world and I feel I have lost the energy in continuing to submit and do sketches for proyects that don't go anywhere. I know this is a reality that most of us artists face at times but also it has been a learning curve to know when you have to move on and also how to choose the people you will be working for - no more freebies from me! Except for my favorite school Coral Way :) Because of this, I decided to give myself some time to have fun again and create, create more work, sort of let my heart and insticts guide me instead of just what I think it will be more marketable. Lately, I have been inspired just to paint, paint, paint. I came accross an amazing art journaling artist Teesha More, she's amazing! I wish I could take one of her workshops...and with painter Flora Bowley and of course mix media artist and founder of Papaya Greeting Anahata Katkin. There's just so much to learn! Inspired by one of Teesha's work, I finally confronted the "Big" canvas and did "my" version in a painting - please know that the quote is not mine is Teesha's (I hope she doesn't mind). See you back in September 15th!

Coming up next: 100 "Bad" Paintings Challenge - Would you take on this challenge? Many artists have. More to come September 15, 2011.

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Anonymous said...

I recognize this very much!
And I also like Teesha Moore: she is very inspirational. Every time I see one of her works, I feel the need to do something myself :-)

By the way: you make beautiful art yourself too!