Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have been absent from the blog for a while and I miss it! I started a joint venture with a friend in real estate and it has taken allot of my time while I am still transitioning from the previous job. I've received different reactions; however I couldn't be more thankful for all the wonderful support from my close friends and family who had been waiting for me to take the leap - because... if it's not now, then when?
I have no idea where this will take me but I feel at peace and have no regrets. All I feel is plenty of gratitude for everyone in my life. So I decided to begin sending some cards of gratitude. Have a great weekend!

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Urban Living 305 said...

Sarah, I want my card!!!! Just kidding. We are's all good. As long as you keep yout heart gold everything will work out. I am very grateful for you, amiguox.