Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It’s been a few days since I haven’t been able to blog and I have to admit that I did miss it! Unfortunately my day job took me away from the online world for a few days to Orlando and than I was invited to spend a couple of days with some wonderful friends in Key Largo, FL. On the other hand, these days were great because I was able to catch up with some reading – finish almost 2 books! Most importantly I spent some girly time with friends I haven’t been able to see in long time. Been away has always been an opportunity to rethink as to where my life is heading. In the last two sessions in “The Fish Bowl” we talked about blogging and what makes us love reading them. I realized that some of the things I loved about reading other blogs were missing in my blog and I will begin to make changes to improve it. I wanted to share with you some of the things I love in a blog:

1. Meeting other artists, seen so much creativity it’s so inspiring!
2. The “human side” of the blogger– I love when an artist shares, her/his life, stories, their journeys…
3. Artists that share their life experiences in the “artist world” – this essentially has been inspiring and yet learning experience when an artist shares “tips” about how they market themselves, what worked for them… etc.
4. Blogs who share other blogs that they found interesting and/or interviews with other artists.
5. and last, but not least, I love the chance to make online friends and realize that there are so many people like me, who love creating, who have dreams; we are in this great community were we can all inspire and support each other.

I am sure as I continue to read and find new artists who blog, my list will increase. In the meantime I will do my best to share more with you: my journey and what I have learned. Thanks so much for all your comments; they are encouraging, specially in those days were my goal seems sooooo far away.

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shakti space designs said...

Sarah your post is quite apropos to what I was thinking while swimming in the bowl, catching up with Marisa's assignments, and making a point today to finally get caught up enough to make introductions to fellow fish. Your work is lovely. I look forward to seeing you evolve. Happy 4th!