Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Personal Project

I am lucky enough to say that I still have a grandmother alive; her name is like mine Sarah and she is 95 years old..there are no words to exactly describe her except that she's truly a inspirational woman. There has always been something about her and my grandfather Gerardo (who passed away many years ago) that is just special, as a couple they were the kind people that when they walked into a room everyone wanted to meet them; both always made everyone feel special. Months ago, as you may know now I am always brainstorming projects, I wanted to do something special as a tribute to my grandmother and write a story about her...and yes! it will also have a deadline: December 2009 (as a Christmas present). I will also be sharing with you the process and please feel free to give "constructive criticism" I always welcome it!


linda said...

I think that is the sweetest idea! I created a family album awhile back and it was so touching and satisfying to see it all pulled together (although it took me years to make 7 copies!) Have fun with it and I am sure your grandmother will love it!

kikiv68 said...

I <3 it!!!!!! I am so exited for the book 2 come out! I cant wait 2 c abuelita sarah's face when she cs it!