Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Postcard from Paris

Before emails and internet, there were letters :) When I was 15 years old my sister encouraged me to get a pen pal. One of the pen pals that I received was a french boy about my same age. For years we wrote back and forth and unexpectly grew a wonderful long distance friendship. About six years later since our letters started; I went to studied abroad in Italy and Fabrice invited me to stay with his family and visit Paris for the first time. I was soo nervous when I arrived at the station! This postcard is from that day, that very first day that I arrived at the train station in Paris and I was going to meet in person my dear friend Fabrice. This postcard is to my great pen pal friend who along with his family embraced me as if I was part of their own and gave me an unforgetable experience.

You wonder if we are still good friends? yes! Fabrice has also visited Miami. The picture above is Fabrice and I when he visited Miami for the first time.


linda said...

Super cute postcard! I love that poststamp textured background too... I also had a penpal in childhood...hehe!

Aimee Sicuro said...

Sarah! I love the postcard pieces!! These would make a really great book or a set of really postcards!

parisa mahmoudi said...

That is so romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!
well this time,I impressed by the text at first!!!!!!So sweet!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...