Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A couple of years ago my sister suggested that for every new year we should pick a word instead of writing a long list of resolutions. It’s an amazingly simple yet powerful way to set your intentions for the year. I had a hard time choosing just one word this year, how could I possibly pick one that would express what I look forward to? Finally, my "AHA" moment came, and my word is FAITH.


of letting go of the things I have no control
to listen to my inner voice
to make the right decisions
that every little thing in life has a purpose
that God will lead me to the right path
in myself
in others
in my DREAMS...


linda said...

love the picking a word idea - because it's a lot easier to approach! good luck and happy 2011!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Happy 2011 !!!!!!!
Wish you all the best dear Sarah.
Yes,What a nice idea,I would work on it in our new year time,21th March.

stephanie levy said...

you have a beautiful blog - very, very interesting! and I love the vision board idea, I need to make one too :)

ireri castro said...

Hola Sarah me da gusto leerte y también tu interés en el blog, si quieres participar serás bienvenida, estoy contenta con los resultados del blog y deseo que se nos unan mas disciplinas, así que seguirá creciendo.
Visite tu blog y el de Kiki y me gusto mucho tu trabajo, tus ilustraciones, lo único malo es que no leo ingles así que no pude leer tus contenidos, mucho gusto! y te esperamos. ireri