Monday, April 12, 2010

Postcard from Italy

What makes a place so memorable? the people. I have so many wonderful memories of places and people I have encountered in my life that now they have become an inspiration for my art. When I was studying in college I took a semester abroad to Italy. Of course, I fell in love from the "carabinieri" to the teacher, the waiter and on and on - we all did! but aside from the fantasy of falling in love with a handsome Italian man it was the experience, the food, the landscape and the incredible art and history that surrounded us everyday. In one of our group outings we met three young guys with guitars who serenade us under a beautiful full moon with the song "Volare..oh oh cantare..." as we walked through the cobbles stones "strata" I can still remember enjoying every single moment and saying to myself: I will never forget this. I wanted to share with you this, because life is full of tiny wonderful moments such as this.
The above is a postcard I created to capture this moment. Thanks to Linda from tartagialla for sharing the beautiful airmail piece that I used in my collage above. Have a happy Monday!


Kristy's Art Corner said...

Sarah this is beautiful. I love the idea of illustrating travel memories.

parisa mahmoudi said...

I agree with Kristy,this is a great and beautiful idea that could be a book at the end!!!!!!!!!!! :D

p.s.about the traveler card,me too.I like travel to new places!!! ;)

linda said...

Sarah! Your collage is beautiful on the postcard and Italy definitely is magical. I studied abroad and feel that we must have experience similar love for the whole experience... I guess I couldn't escape it because I'm still here now :)

kikiv68 said...
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kikiv68 said...

Tia i LOVE it so musch!!! and u know how much i would love to visit Italy...and how much i love italian cars, food,!!! :)